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Afro-Centered books and activities that serve as both introductions and immersion into important aspects of African/Black culture. .who WE are. .
I embrace what many of our great ancestry passed down to us as fuel to propel us FORWARD. Most importantly, that we, as a people, cannot map a progressive path forward without knowing and understanding who, what, and where we came from. The glory of our past is the potential in our present; Sankofa.
-Bernard Creamer-
'Who Stole the Soul' Book Reviews
Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2021
Who Stole The Soul?

The Weaponization of Hip Hop

Upon first reading the title I was intrigued. Hip Hop raised and nurtured me. Hip Hop groomed and shaped me. Hip Hop gave me a voice as it taught me the importance and strength of my own voice. Hip Hop revealed my value and established my confidence. Hip Hop showed me my worth and help me discover my own definition of who I am. How could someone steal the SOUL of Hip Hop? Why would anyone weaponize it?

The answers to those two questions and countless more are contained between the covers of one of the most profound books I have EVER read. The most impactful experience in reading this book is the methodology of the author in his ability to not only diagnose what plagues Hip Hop, but also to explore the connection of that diagnosis to systems that govern and control THE WORLD. The author shows how much more than just Hip Hop’s SOUL has been stolen and weaponized. What’s revealed is much more than a common thread, but a woven pattern throughout history.

This work is an essential read for EVERYONE that loves themselves, their family and OUR HUMAN RACE. It’s MUCH BIGGER than Hip Hop!

Kreighton Barr
Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2020
I really can’t express in words how much I enjoyed this book. I was born and raised in the south Bronx. I was able to witness firsthand the development of this musical art form that most of us back in the early 70s took for granted. The book explains the evolution of this genre and what happened once it crossed over into the mainstream. Unfortunately once it garnered commercial success it fell under corporate control. This book really helps to give you a better understanding of the impact that corporate America has on just about every aspect of our lives. Sadly the consumer doesn’t dictate what kind of music he want to hear because they decide on what they want us to hear.
'I AM...' Book Reviews
1.  The grandkids love it!
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